Disappointments make room for Appointments

Hi friends,
Adrienne here and Its great to be back with you.

I was thinking of a story in the bible this week about the crippled man who sits on the steps of the church begging for food and money.  The story reads that Peter and John came to this man and made a statement that they did not have money, but they had power with God to heal him.  They then prayed for him and the man was healed.  His life was changed forever.

Let’s slow this down and walk with this precious man.
I thought about him, totally at the mercy of other peoples goodness.  Peter began to speak to him and said they had no money and as Peter drew a breath to finish his statement, I wonder, at that very instant, if this man was not disappointed.  I would think he may even question why they stopped to talk to him.  I mean, this is what he needed, money and food, and they just told him they had none.

The story could have ended badly for this man if he was given only what he thought he needed.  He would have been so happy with lunch but there was so much more for him to embrace.  His day finished way beyond his knowledge of what was available to him.
This man can teach us that when everything is impossible, stay the course, sustain life, but don’t limit the future by our present circumstances.

“When life gets tough, it can be disappointing and frustrating.  We then have an opportunity to look outside of these destructive emotions and reach beyond what we know, to discover what we haven’t known”.

For every disappointment, there is a new life appointment.  It is not a time to give up, it can be a time of new possibilities.  It can cause us to dig deeper and realize that we have only just scratched the surface of our potential, that there are more options out there for us to see, that life is about forever learning and changing.
“As something ends, new beginnings can now dawn.”

If a part of our life is like this man, in a situation we cannot change ourselves, we never give up on the possibility of new and greater days.
This is life and you have so much more to live, experience and know.

What if this man let momentary disappointment reveal itself in anger towards Peter and John and told them to leave.  He would have felt justified but would also have missed out on something that was to change his life.  The pain of disappointment is real and can be a deal breaker with our promised future but we purpose to navigate the emotional storm and not give up on life.

Have an awesome week and I will be back soon.

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3 thoughts on “Disappointments make room for Appointments

  1. How very true this is. Disappointment can distract us from what God has for us. Thank you for reminding us to never take our eyes off of our God.


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