The Power Of Friendship

Hi everybody, Adrienne here,
This week I read a story in the bible and was reminded why I write these blogs.
We acknowledge the everyday people who are part of making someone else’s story great.

I was reading the story of the 4 men who carried a crippled man up onto a roof, then let the man down at the feet of Jesus to be healed.  It so easy to think that the miracle from Jesus was the main point here, but really the miracle of friendship was what bought it all together.

So often today, words like friends and friendship are common and treated lightly.  Yet it is the power of friendship that can destroy a life or propel it into future greatness.  We are created to connect, and connect deeply.  I understand that we don’t have deep friendships with everyone, but there is still the point, that people are designed to interact with kindness, thoughtfulness and a regard for the well being of those around.
These 4 men in this story, inconvenienced their lives to totally regard this crippled man, hence giving him an opportunity to live and live well.  When we speak of friendship, we speak of a connection that is purposed to empower each other in every aspect of life.
Jesus became our friend and shows us the way forward regarding life connections.  He continues to love us when we fail Him, He said “He is a friend, that sticks closer than a brother”.  He then asks us to be that friend in life.

I heard a powerful statement once, “Intimacy is forged in the furnace of conflict”.
Lasting friendships are created by working through conflict.  We keep short accounts of wrong, long accounts of right, we walk second mile Christianity which means, on purpose, we go out of our way for others.

Be a friend, be someone’s strength, be their legs and carry them forward, be the one who propels others into their greater days.  We need each other.
As John Maxwell says, “People are not meant to be an island unto themselves, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto”.

Sometimes in life friendships fail, but don’t let that bring us into isolation.  Enjoy, appreciate, and strengthen the friendships we still have.

God Bless you,

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6 thoughts on “The Power Of Friendship

  1. This is a very powerful blog especially for women as we see value in friendship, excellent , thought provoking!


  2. Dad showed this to me… is wonderful to have such friendships in life…..I visited your Mum on Tuesday with dad, she has wonderful staff taking care of her…….she is confined to a recliner chair and assisted by two staff from bed to chair etc as she cannot walk unaided….my dad is 96 and doing well……it has been great spending quality time with him this past week…..God bless you and continue His work of Christianity…..Norma Dadge Holland


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