Your value is not ever diminished

Hi everyone, it’s me again, Adrienne!

I would like to take a break from sharing about Naomi and talk about a thought that has been on my mind this week.

I want to share a little adventure of 2 brand new 10 dollar notes.
Both come off the printing press perfectly formed.
On the way home, the holder of the notes dropped one.  Before it could be picked up, the wind blew it out of reach of the owner.  This note now is run over by cars, walked over by people, it gathers dust and dirt and continues at the mercy of every gust of wind that picks it up.

Sometime later the person who dropped the note, finds it.
It’s very crumpled and dusty but they put it back in the wallet right beside the new crisp one.  In going to the store, they hand over these 2 ten dollar notes to pay for goods.  The store keeper does not reject the worn one because of its appearance.  He takes both and hands over the purchased goods.

Both of these notes are of equal in value in spite of the different life stories.  This is a picture of significant, wonderful truth for us all.  It’s so important to realize that our worth and our potential contribution to this world are not diminished by circumstances.

This truth is eternal,
Our value never needs restoring because it is not ever lost, but at times, it is our belief in our value that needs strengthening. 

“In the day we live in, life can be very difficult but we can never allow difficulties to define us or speak to our worth”.

We are loved, wanted and welcomed even as we can feel ourselves occasionally being picked up by a wind of circumstance, walked over intentionally or unintentionally, or compared to a brand new note that has never left the safety of the wallet.

I really hope this helps put some of life into proper perspective.  Our circumstances are only changed when we move from the platform of knowing our worth and understanding it is not ever diminished.

I look forward to being with all next week.

God Bless,

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