Something always comes from nothing

Hi there, Well I am back and so sorry for the delay.
I wasn’t going to do a blog for a little while, but thought I would share for a few
minutes from a personal perspective as I walk through this season of life.

Following my return from Egypt I felt very overwhelmed.  Some because of the
goodness I saw poured out at our SHE @ HE 2019 conference there.  To see so
many young people impacted for good brings an overwhelming joy.  But at the
same time the weariness of all of the responsibility involved can drain the soul.
This mixed with life pressures back home has the potential to deplete the
reservoir of faith, life and confidence.  The outcome of this is the sense that
there is nothing to give.

“I want to encourage everyone, whether it feels like we have nothing to
give or nothing to offer, there is always more hiding behind the mask of
Life brings different pressures of joy, sadness and responsibility to all.  At times,
the huge amount of emotional energy it takes to cope can attempt to speak
negatively into who we are and what we can give.

Sometimes, it’s in those times of present weariness, that we dig deep and
discover new things, new dreams, new days, a deeper faith and unseen
“It can be a sign that all has been used and now its time for what I am yet
to be, yet to do and yet to experience”.
“The difference between sunset and sunrise is a place of rest. We reflect in
a healthy way the things of yesterday, we ponder the present and the wonder
of tomorrow”.
As the head lays on the pillow in the evening, allow the dreams of what will be to
fill your mind.
There is a wonderful scripture Psalms 121, its His personal promise to all,
“ He will never sleep nor slumber, He is the guardian God for His people,
Jehovah Himself will watch over you”
I understand at times when there is so much at stake in life, this is easier said
than done.  If we can do it, it is the way to win over the torment that knocks on
the doorway of the soul in the night seasons.

As you read this blog, my hope for us all is that we dig deep.  What came to rob,
steal or destroy will be put to flight with the energizing power of the new.

See you again soon,

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2 thoughts on “Something always comes from nothing

  1. Thank you Adrienne for taking time to write how you are feeling. You are an encouragement to many
    I pray you have time now to rest and reflect some more, as you listen to what God has in store for you next
    God bless and lots of love xoxo


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