Naomi. Justified to be a victim but lived as a victor

Hi everyone, Adrienne here.
I’m so glad that you have joined me again.  This week I would like to take you to another aspect of Naomi’s life that speaks to most of us at some time or place in our lives.

When we look at the life of Naomi we see it began well.  She said herself that when they left home she was full and life was pleasant.  As the years went by, her husband and two sons died, she lost everyone and everything.
As Naomi thought on her life, there could be a temptation to blame others for the tragic condition she now finds herself in.
Maybe if her husband had not led the family away, her sons would be alive.
Maybe she could even blame God for the drought at home thus creating the pathway for her loss.
Maybe if people at home would have helped them more, they would not have had to leave in the first place.

Maybe she could be justified in blaming someone, thus making herself a victim but Naomi would choose to be a victor.
We learn from this that being a “victor over our circumstances” rather than being a “victim of our circumstances” will always bring us home into fulfillment and purpose.
“After negative circumstances in life, this is a choice we often get to make”.

Naomi found through an attitude of victory “reasons to move forward instead of reasons to quit”.

This amazing person was victorious under tragic circumstances.  If she could say something to you and I today, maybe it would be this “please don’t allow blame, however justified, to make you a victim, you are so much more”
“An attitude of victory sees that”
“For every one person who tries to knock you down, there are a hundred wanting to help you up.  For each time we let ourselves down, there is another opportunity to try again. When a tragedy of life takes us out, there are more open doors to walk through”

Thanks so much for being here today, I sincerely pray that nothing will hold you back from the greatness of the future you have yet to live.

God Bless

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