Naomi. What did we learn

Hey there, Its your friend Adrienne again,
We have been talking about different aspects of Naomis’ life.  We have learned much from this awesome lady.  Naomi was old, but still strong and decisive.  Over the last few weeks as we looked into her life story, there are a couple of things I want to revisit today.
Many people, like Naomi, experience unexpected setbacks in life.  When these things occur, we often need to make changes in our world, that at one time, we thought would have been impossible.  Naomi in the beginning of this journey, was a totally fulfilled wife and mother.  She went with her husband into the land of Moab, so he could make a living for their family.  After sometime, she now stands alone as a grieving mother and widow, having lost her husband and 2 sons.
“She was faced with having to overcome great personal obstacles or allow the devastation to destroy what she had left of her future”.

Tragically, unexpected storms of life happen to most of us.

If we are to make the most of the time we have left to live, we cannot afford to make “long term” room for the negative emotions of regret, hurts, betrayal and disappointments.  When these things gain a seat in our heart, over a long period of time, they keep us from our rightful place of being a victor and an overcomer.  “It is sad, but very real, they attempt to justify the thinking that we have now become victims, thus stealing our precious future”.

Like Naomi, there is a place of restoration for everyone.  When hearts are betrayed, dreams destroyed, relationships abandoned, disappointments experienced, plans changed, remember there is always a future, a full and pleasant future.
‘There is life in and after the storm, if we choose to go after it.’

When we are intentional about the facing the future, just like Naomi, we find strength and abilities we didn’t know we had.

Well, God Bless you,
We will chat again soon.

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