Naomi. Hearing inspires action

Hi everyone, Adrienne here,
We have been talking about Naomi, an amazing lady whose life, though understated, influenced history.  This week I wanted to talk about the moment of time when Naomi decided to move forward with her life.  Her story goes that she heard about what was happening in Bethlehem and decided to go there.  It’s so easy to miss the fact that her whole life was changed for the better because she heard someone talking good news.  We don’t know whether it was a direct conversation involving her or if she simply overheard it, but either way, what was spoken, changed her life.

Everyone is looking for a better way, a greater future, a richer life, or maybe a solution to the deep needs of their world.  When we carry on a conversation in a public arena, all around there are people like Naomi, hoping for news of goodness.  One day someone will be listening and change the direction of their life because of what they hear you and I say.
“We may never know how much our conversations influence the lives of others, how deep our words run or how far they go.  There is one thing for sure, they are not dormant, they find a resting place in the soul of someone who wants change for the better.
“Our words can’t always be measured by immediate response, they may be measured over time by someone we never meet”.

Naomi probably didn’t stop and said, “Wow, I needed to hear that good news”, either way she heard it and its dramatic affect on her life would continue through generations of people and thousands of years.

Often times we can think our words to loved ones fall to the ground, but in that unseen place of their heart, our words are kept like a book to be written and a life yet to be lived for greater purpose”.

Nothing is more powerful than words of affirmation, promise, possibilities, and purpose. They have the potential to grow in every life they land in.

I think the world needs a whole lot more great conversations, that when heard, gives others hope and future.

God Bless you,
Have a great week.


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