Naomi. A World Of Regret Or Not

Hi all, Adrienne here,
We’re walking the journey with Naomi, the mother in law of the history making Ruth.  It’s now time for Naomi to be home in her new place of blessing, in rest and anticipating the greater adventures to come.
It’s in this place contemplation fills her soul and reflection of her life begins to play out like a movie.  When she thinks of the time they originally left Bethlehem, a happy, healthy complete family and compares it to her life now, she makes room for the powerful emotion of regret.
I am sure Naomi asked herself, “if we had not gone, would my sons be alive? How would my life look now if we just stayed home and not gone to Moab”.
The truth is that she will never know, all she can do is wonder.

Regret is a powerful force, not simply a negative emotion.  It is usually built on a reality in our life.  A reality from the past cannot be revisited or changed.

No one has escaped the “could haves or should haves” from their “yesterdays”.  Maybe it’s the, “I should not have done that or made that decision”.  Either way, it cannot be changed or taken back.

Regret, because of past experience, can keep us camped in a place in our soul that will not permit the enjoyment of a new future.  To move on, we, like Naomi, must harness the joy and expectation of what is coming.

Charles Spurgeon said this, “It is a mortifying thought for any person to compare what they have done with what they could have done” He also said, “One thousand years of regret, does not pay one farthing of debt”

I cannot say this with enough emphasis, it takes courage to leave some things in the past, but we must if we are to have a future.

I love this saying about Jesus, “To create, heaven had to speak, to redeem, heaven had to bleed”.  Only His redemption can take the past and make the future new.

Chat again soon,

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