Naomi, Unfamiliar Territory

Hi everyone,
Its Adrienne here,
We have been talking about Naomi, the mother in law of the famous Ruth.  Naomi, has been teaching us about the many facets concerning change.

These last weeks I have personally been going through some big changes in my own life and it brings home much of what we have been talking about.
Whether it is Naomi or myself or you, when we walk the pathway of change we all face the same battles in some form or another.  One of the greatest battles is the confrontation in our mind between what has been familiar life patterns and now unfamiliar territory. All of a sudden, the familiar, as frustrating as it can be, seems easier and safer.
Naomi took a risk, packed everything and began a journey from the familiar to the unfamiliar.  Burning her bridges, she moved forward with great anticipation of new days.

Last week I read a quote that went like this,
“Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen”
These few words are so impactful.  They describe why many people do not ever embrace the future they want.  The unfamiliar is exactly that, it’s unfamiliar.  Steps seem uncertain, risks are involved, and the mind is often at war.
These last weeks something I had been dreaming of for many years came about.  It took all the strength I could find, advice from good friends, saying no to some familiar life patterns and faith in God who promises to order my steps.
I have to say that I was afraid much of the time in the initial decision making.
For me, I had had enough of what was and decided that the greatest risk to my future is to risk nothing now.
Like Naomi, we are encouraged to face the giants of familiar territory by taking deliberate steps forward into the unfamiliar.
As I leave you this week, I would love to repeat these words,
“Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen”
Let’s all be deliberate regarding change, willing to sacrifice the familiar for the unfamiliar and move forward with faith that your steps will be ordered, one at a time.

Catch you again next week,
God Bless,

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6 thoughts on “Naomi, Unfamiliar Territory

  1. Loved this!! Change is hard, it can be overwhelming but what about all that you can be missing out on because of fear. Thank you Adrienne for sharing what has placed on your heart to encourage others.


  2. So so true. If we don’t take that step of faith, we are likely to miss out on what God had planned for us all along
    Thank you Adrienne


  3. Very encouraging. I am ready for change. But I know in my heart it just isn’t possible right now. Trusting that God’s timing is perfect and will wait on Him.


  4. What a Word in due season for our family. Thankyou Adrienne. It is confirmation for us that we are hearing from and following our God. Some big changes are indeed coming.


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