Naomi, resolved to move forward

Hi there, Adrienne here,
This week I have seen several articles written about Ruth and the powerful truths learned from her journey.  Ruth, a young moabite woman whose life healed nations, appeared in the linage of Jesus, reflected integrity of character and displayed an attitude of humility.  In our weekly blogs we have been talking about Naomi, Ruths mother in law and we stop to realize that without Naomi, there is no Ruth.
The only example of a godly lifestyle that Ruth had was Naomi.  The daily courage, character and lifestyle lived by Naomi went on to produce eternal change for future generations through Ruth.

Today I want to chat about a quality Naomi had to have had, and that is “resolve”.

In previous weeks we have spoken about different qualities that made this everyday lady the world changer that she was.

Like Naomi, our decisions to bring change are the result of an awakening to the idea of a better future.  We learn that a greater future may not happen easily or quickly, but it will happen one day at a time.
Regardless of where and when we begin, like this great lady, we need to be resolved to the idea of going forward.
“One of the meanings of the word resolve is “a decision of a firm course of action”. “It is a decision we make, not simply a good idea or passing thought”.
Like Naomi, we resolve to go forward in the face of overwhelming odds, or feeling alone, or in the midst of emotional storms.
It is this quality of “resolve” that moves resistance from our pathway.

In the midst of change from what was to what will be, we can be challenged and begin to question our journey.
“John Maxwell says that ” Things can look like a failure in the middle”.  Inside us, the original decision for a greater future is the invisible force of “resolve”.
It will not give into emotional restraint nor is it influenced by what it sees or does not see.
“Resolve is motivated only by the picture of a greater future”.

If Naomi could say something to us all this week, it would be to stick to the firm course of action forward.  It will cut through all obstacles, the ones in our souls and the ones on our path.

God Bless you and I will see you again next week.

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