Naomi, the substance of Change

Hi there, Its Adrienne here,
Last week we spoke about Naomi, the mother in law of Ruth.  Naomi, a precious lady whose life influenced the future to such a degree that her mark was left in the linage of Jesus.
It has been great to see already some of the champion qualities of this, not so spoken about lady.  Last week we chatted about change.
“Creating a new momentum to carry new life patterns is essential to define and create a new future.”

Today I want to briefly talk about the emotional roller coaster Naomi had to have been on and how this impacted her personal self worth.

When Naomi arrived back in her home town her words to her friends went like this, “Do not call me Naomi, call me Mara”.  Her name Naomi actually means full and pleasant, and the name Mara, means bitter and empty. “For a brief time, she allowed her emotions and feelings to name her and to define her.
With her emotions battered and bruised by the loss of her home, husband and 2 children, she makes a powerful statement, “my name has changed”.
“Instead of someone going through tragedy and loss, she said call me tragedy and loss, this is now who I am.”

The reality is that she always was and will always be Naomi. Tragedy, loss, and negative life circumstances, do not define who we are.

We all are on a journey and the truth is that the panorama of life changes constantly, but who we are, does not.
Naomi, our precious friend, teaches us that, for a brief moment our emotional response to negative aspects of life maybe overwhelming, but who we never changes.

You are the same person filled with possibilities and potential in life, whether you are experiencing joy or loss, loneliness or fulfillment, the feeling of victory or defeat, hurt or healing.  “You are somebody”, all else are the shifting sands of life.

God Bless you,
Catch you next week

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