Naomi. The Art of Change

Hi there, Its Adrienne here,
Last week we introduced Naomi, a woman whose life influenced generations but her story has been understated by most people.

I spoke about her ability to bring change under difficult and emotional circumstances.
Change after being in a certain way over a long period of time, is extremely difficult and the fact that it is a courageous choice is an understatement.

It takes just a few moments to convey the thought of necessary change but we can be dealing with a lifetime or a long time of habits, situations, patterns of life, and disappointments.
Naomi began by deciding to move, she simply began to pack her belongings,
“she made a start”.
Small steps, one thing at a time, she began her move forward.  A different future is created by us as we add new and different actions to our daily diet of life.  A small change done consistently brings a fresh new momentum forward.

Years ago when I was pastoring my church, many of the youth were swimming in our above ground pool.  One of them said, let’s make a wave.  They began walking in the same direction around the pool and as they moved the water began to move with them.  Before I knew it, the momentum created this wave we could all just float on.  Then they said, let’s change direction.  So we began to walk and push against the original movement we created.  At first it was difficult but after a while, with ease, we rode the new wave going the opposite way.  Now I have to say that we nearly destroyed our above ground swimming pool as it shook from all the activity in it.  But i will always remember the fun way I saw a life lesson taught.

Action done with consistency will create powerful change that becomes a life habit.

We can follow Naomis’ example of creating change.  She made her decision to move forward, she began by packing her first suitcase and just kept going.  It’s not the decision that is the most difficult, it’s the first suitcase, then the second one gets a little easier.  Her first emotional response may be sadness, but as she moves forward, joy and anticipation for a greater future fill her heart.

Cant wait to chat next week.
Be Blessed and enjoy the wave of change.

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