Naomi Our Friend

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Its Adrienne here, welcome to this weeks blog.  We have written in the past, that we are learning from people who are not portrayed as the main character in lifes’ stories, but it is their role that makes someone else story powerful, achievable and believable.

I want to spend some time learning from a great lady in the old testament. Her name is Naomi and her story is found in the book of Ruth, in chapter one.
Over the years people have taught on the life of Ruth, the daughter in law of Naomi.
We have learnt many things about Ruth and how her story unfolded.  She, through her actions, brought change and restoration.  Through her marriage to Boaz, Ruth paints us a beautiful picture of the redemptive love of God.  Ruth the young moabite woman now appears in the lineage of Jesus.
“But we can often forget that without Naomi there is no Ruth”.

Let me introduce to you Naomi, the mother in law of Ruth.

Here she was living in Moab with her 2 daughters in law, Ruth and Orpah.  Naomi is the sole survivor of her family after the tragic deaths of her husband and 2 sons.  I can’t even imagine the emptiness and the heartache that she would have been experiencing.  One day after Naomi heard that God was moving again in her homeland, she decided that life could be better and made a decision to return to Bethlehem.

We can read this decision so easily and quickly, but for this wonderful lady in her older years, it was an enormous decision to bring change to her life.  It would require a complete change of circumstances, she would be moving from being stuck in a dry place to fulfillment and it would cost her energy, emotional strength, and great courage.

Our first encounter with Naomi tells us that change is always possible.  Decisions for change are not dependent on age or prolonged circumstances, they come from the heart that sees greater possibilities and says, “Yes, lets go, lets change, lets be strong”.

We see here today, that age, or a prolonged season of feeling stuck, or great tragedy cannot tame the passions for a greater future.  Naomi is such an example of a lady who endured.  She not only walked in great blessings in her final years but her choice to move also powerfully influenced the future.  Change is a choice, a powerful choice, at times a costly choice, but it will always bring reward both personally and generationally.

Looking forward to chatting with you next week.

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