Unnamed Hero’s And Heroines

Hi there,
Its good to see you again.

In these blogs we have been talking about nameless hero’s and heroines who play such an important role in the stories of the ones we call the main characters.

I was just in a city in Egypt called Garbage City.  It is a part of Cairo.  This city is filled with millions of people whose whole life is built around the sorting of garbage from all over Cairo and beyond.  The streets are lined with garbage and filled with vehicles with loads dangerously high.  Families have lived here like this for generations.
I met parents and community workers as they wept over sick children and strive to create change for teenagers who want to succeed but have no way forward.  Many other impossibilities here are faced as a family and community.  Sacrificing in every way, people are striving to make the present better and build a greater future for all.  One day these children will grow up and succeed more than their predecessors ever did.  They will never fully understand the courage and sacrifice parents and others went through to give them their life and greater possibilities.

This type of story is on every continent of the world, it may look differently but it is still suffering and sacrifice for future change.

This week, I want to celebrate some of the greatest hero’s and heroines in life’s story.  The parent who sacrificed much, the sibling who went to work to provide for the family, the friends who gave and the anonymous people who contribute so often to the future of others.  Your name may not be written on billboards, newspapers or reported on the news, but you are honored and the future will celebrate you.
“Profound are the lives of the people who are quietly courageous and the soul that carries hidden sacrifice”.

It may seem like everything goes unnoticed, but there is One who sees all and rewards you with change for the future and peace in the now.
Jesus is in your story with you and He knows your name.

Next week, we return to an awesome bible character.  We know her name but she is rarely spoken of, yet we can learn so much from her story.

God Bless you and see you again soon.

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