A certain man on a strategic day, turn extraordinary

Last week we started talking about a part of Josephs’ journey.
Genesis 37 15-17

I have just finished our SHE 2018 women’s conference in the Middle East.  It was amazing as women shared stories about changed mindsets and thinking.  The focus of the conference is the culture of heaven not the culture of the country or past experience.  I am speaking about this today because it directly relates to our topic of a certain man on a certain day.
While eating lunch, I met several young ladies who did not originally know about the conference.  They were driving past and just decided to come in and see what was happening.  They began attending the meetings, and were impacted in a life changing manner.  Their journey in life, has now radically changed in many ways, all because of a seemingly random thought, “lets’ go and see what is going on”.
Just an ordinary day, turn extraordinary.
It’s a tragedy that often we are taught to be only led by great visitations, dreams and by directive words through people.  Guidance for the most part is quiet. It can be just about doing the ordinary in life, being practical doing what is best and right at the time.

I love the story in the book of 2 Kings chapter 7, verses 3-20 about the lepers who were responsible for saving the nation.  All they did was just the most practical, best thing in the moment.  The reasoning was, “If we stay in this place we will die, if we go into the enemies camp and surrender, we will still probably die, but lets go with the 2% of possibility and just see”.
It was the right answer for them and the nation.  Who would have ever thought!!

Often times our future is born as we just fill the moment with the most practical right thing to do.

Some of the most powerful connections with our future are quiet, natural and seemingly insignificant”

God Bless you, see you again soon.

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