A Certain Man On A Strategic Day

Hi, Its great to be back with you.
I wanted to thank you today for the comments and the likes on the blog page.  Its wonderful to know that people are reading this blog and being encouraged by it.

Today I want to begin a new story from the book of Genesis, in Chapter 37, verses 15 to 17.
Now a certain man found him, (Joseph), wandering in the field.  And the man asked him saying, “What are you seeking?”.  So Joseph said, I am seeking my brothers, “Please tell me where they are feeding their flocks”.  And the man said, they have departed from here, for I heard them say, let us go to Dothan.  So Joseph went after his brothers and found them in Dothan.

Anyone could easily read this and move on quickly.  It doesn’t seem like there is any significance whatsoever in these few words or on this most ordinary of days.
As we begin to talk about this encounter, I want to start by saying that “this certain man” is a part of the legacy of Joseph and the children of Israel.
This day was the day that Joseph needed to find his brothers.
This day was the day that his brothers would betray him terribly and cause young Josephs life to begin a new journey.  A journey that would take him from this field of life to a seat of government over the most powerful nation in the known world.
“This day, though none of the players in the story knew it, was a divine set up.”
If this nameless certain man wasn’t there, Joseph would not have begun his famous journey from the pit to the palace.  He would have returned home and told his father that he couldn’t find his brothers.
At the days end, it surely didn’t look like the day of destiny that it truly was.
Here in this story we can see very clearly a picture of God watching over His word to perform it.  He was setting people and things in order to bring success to His master plan for the people He loved.
“We may never know the “certain people” that have been set in place to ensure success in our journey and the times that we have been the “certain person” in someone else life.  Some of the most powerful connections with our future are quiet, natural and seemingly insignificant”.

As we read about this day in Josephs life, we’re encouraged that each new day begins with a quiet anticipation of footsteps being ordered and success being orchestrated.

God bless you, See you again soon.

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8 thoughts on “A Certain Man On A Strategic Day

  1. Wow, Thank you my friend! So amazing what you just shared. I never thought of it that way at all when I read those scriptures. It’s very enlightening. Love you and bless you, my friend. Perhaps one day we will meet up again.

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  2. I love how God will other people into our lives that will have a profound impact on us in some way or another. Or you might be place into someone’s life for them. God will anyone and everyone. Great message!


  3. What we sometimes see as insignificant encounters with others , God sees as significant and can alter the course of our destiny and theirs. May God give us a keen awareness of our words and actions so we don’t miss out in this journey.


  4. What does it mean when it says your comment is waiting moderation like mine did? Does it need to be shortened? Thanks Adrienne! Love your blog this past week!


  5. To think that anyone of us could be that person that God uses to influence someone else’s life in fulfilling His plan is life altering in itself.


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