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This week we are taking a different story to learn some powerful truths from people with no name.  No name to us, but they are someone else’s children, parents, relatives, or friends.  These people are not from the Bible, they are people that were used greatly to teach me a lesson on impatience.  One summers day as I hurried down interstate 65 in Tennessee, I came up to an old vehicle pulling a trailer filled with very old furniture.  This furniture, many others would have thrown it away.

As I traveled behind this vehicle and trailer for sometime, I was annoyed because it was going slower than the flow of traffic.  I remember thinking, these people shouldn’t be even on this highway.
I swung around into the next lane and began to pass them.  As I looked over, I saw a young man on the passenger side, his window open and his head down.  I remember so clearly being hit with a wave of remorse at my impatience.  I didn’t know their story. I did not know their names.  I knew nothing about them other than the fact for a few moments, they were in my way.
As I looked over, my heart was touched for them.  I began to pray and hope for them. Praying that they would get to where they were going.  I prayed for great days ahead for them.  I became thankful that they did not allow the fact they had an old car, taking old furniture, stop them going forward.  Thankful also because it would have been easier to stay, rather than turn onto that highway.  In a moment of time, I went from being annoyed with them, to someone who was passionately for them and their journey.

It can be easy in a busy world to become impatient with people.  It is an attitude that is not taken seriously many times and people don’t stop to realize its full impact.
Impatience removes the value of others and of their journey and puts the focus on us.  Its message to us and others, is “its all about me” Patience says, its ok, you go at your own speed, your journey is just as important as mine.
On the highway of life, when someone passes us, we hold our head high and wave. If we should pass them, we will wave in such a way it will encourage them to keep going forward.

There is so many things to learn in this brief story.
It’s amazing, that in a moment of time in a busy life, situations can happen to remind us to refocus on love and that everybody matters.

See you again soon,

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  1. This goes deep—all of us need this lesson, even if we think we are a patient person. Humility!
    Thanks for the reminder!


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