Young servant girl, she let her Light shine

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Our conversation about this young girl is only 2 weeks, but people she affected will speak of her and remember her for a life time.  Her tender heart was not defiled with bitterness, anger or resentment because of the tragic life circumstances she found herself in.  We see this, as her light would shine even in her darkest days, and while being surrounded by the darkness of her enemy.

We just need to walk in Naamans’ shoes for a few moments to realize how his life was influenced by this young girl.  First of all, he would discover God and this would forever shift his focus of worship and foundation for life.  The wife and children who counted on him would be grateful each day as he returned home to them.  The soldiers who needed him for training, battle and leadership would now have their healthy, ‘great and noble commander back’.
     We can see through this girls life, that regardless of emotions or who and what we are surrounded by, the Light of God continues to shine, to affect purpose, and always desires to do good.

There is a story about Mathew Barnett, founder of the ‘Dream Center’ in California.
As a young man, passionate and excited, he went to Los Angeles to build a church.  After some time he was totally disillusioned because he was not seeing the results he thought he would.  “What happened next was the result of someone whose light would shine, even in some of the darkest of places and people”.  In the early hours of one morning, he was led by a word from God to go to a park filled with drug addicts, drug pushers and prostitutes.  Everywhere he looked he saw broken and defeated humanity.  He said as he stood there, these words rang out in his heart,
‘I did not bring you here to build a great church, I bought you here to build people, these people.  You build the people and I will build the church.
This was certainly not the congregation he was expecting to have.
As a result of this night, as Mathew, a young disillusioned man, stood in this park, his light would begin to shine and influence the lives of a people that lived in great darkness. Now, many years later, we have the internationally known Dream Center in Los Angelos. Under Mathews leadership it continues to be the Light in the great darkness that others find themselves in.

The young servant girl that has captured our hearts, is an inspiration to us all. Circumstances can imprison us in different ways.  Life can have us believe we have nothing to give, but we do.  As our heart is kept tender towards God and man, His love continues to shine and bring powerful change to people in need.  In return, because of His Love in us, we experience greater peace and joy.

God Bless you all, I will see you next week.

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6 thoughts on “Young servant girl, she let her Light shine

  1. How often do we bypass the broken disillusioned folk just outside our comfort zone? May we shine and extend hope, if even a smile, that shows they mean something by our recognition.
    Nice blog this week Adrienne!


  2. Very encouraging, do what God has called you to do and he will be faithful, we are hear to shine the light who only live in darkness.


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