Let Love Choose Today For A Strong Future

Hi there,
There’s an old saying that goes like this, “we cannot choose what happens to us
all of the time, but we can choose what we do with it, all of the time”

In the moment of feeling like our life maybe harnessed or even bought to a halt,
the choices we make are vitally important.  We did not choose this, we did not
choose all of these restrictions and roadblocks to our future.  We do get to
choose how we navigate this or any time we find ourselves bound by outside

With these few words, I want to encourage us all, arm us with courage from Him
who desires to make all things work together for your good and His purpose.  It
is not easy to choose well in difficult times so please gather strength today from
Gods unwavering Love.  He has never been at the mercy of any demonic power
or work of man.  He will gather up each crumb from your situation as you give it
to Him, and cause it to be the bread of strength for your life and future.
Always remember, Joseph prospered in prison, the church prospered and grew
from 72 to hundreds of thousands while under the pharaohs in Egypt.  Favor
works anywhere, all the time, is not bound by circumstances, we just need to
remember it’s there.

As we look at our present time, we can look at the roadblocks and become
frustrated and defeated in our hearts, or we can look “up to the Heavens from
whence comes our help”.
We then watch God Himself build a highway from roadblocks.

We can continue to be givers and not cause difficult times to isolate us in our
generosity.  People outside our environment need our kind words, our
encouragement, our resources whether finance, food or other life essentials.
The answer to our need, is often found in reaching out to others to fill their
needs.  This little saying says it so well,
“The hole we find ourselves in, is filled with the dirt as we dig others out of

In this time, we navigate our course for success by choosing His life, love and
character.  We chose to take this moment and we chose to grow personally and
relationally in Him.
There is always beauty for ashes, joy in the morning, sunrise after sunset,
more mercy each morning, and everlasting favor.
“You are His, He is yours, may we never forget this”

God Bless you richly, Adrienne

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