The Widow

Welcome friends, Adrienne here,
Last week in the introduction of my blog, I referenced a story in 1 Kings 17 8-16.  It is about the widow woman who was in the field gathering sticks when Elijah came into town. This lady attracted God to her home.  We start today to look at her heart and life to see some qualities that God blesses and is attracted to.
She had the heart of a champion.
As we said last week, she was a single mother living in difficult economic times, dealing with the grief of losing her husband while now taking full responsibility for their son.  To say she had a short time was not unbelief because she did not know God, it was just a true statement of fact about her life.
We know she had a champions heart because she did not quit, she decided “I only have a little time and a little food, it wont make much difference but I will use what I have until its all gone”.
She had no welfare system, no friends to call, no church, no faith, nothing or anyone to lean on.
But she took action.  We could call her a self starter, she did not wait or need for anyone to encourage her, motivate her, she began with what she had.  I am sure that many others would have quit, considering the task of making bread in those days.  It was just to add a tiny frame of time to their life.  At the end of the day, for her it was a lot of work for very little difference.
A famous football coach was scouting for new players.  After taking time to see and measure their abilities, he said but you can’t measure their heart.  After all the stats are collected, you still do not know the potential of a player.  This is only seen by their heart and “Heart only reveals itself in action.”
We might remember the passionate line from the movie, The Titans.  As a young man was training, he came towards the finish line and the coach said, “when you have run out of strength, heart will take you across the line”.  What a powerful and passionate description of true and great heart.
This lady, with a champions heart said, “I cant wait for someone to help me or encourage me, I need to go and do what I can”.  Her future, as short as it was, was too important to her to lay it done without living it fully. She rose and began to head to the field to prepare the last of her food.
Sometimes there is no one to encourage us, no one to lean on.  Our future needs to be so important to us, that we pursue it, we begin, we get up, with or without encouragement. Getting upset because I receive no encouragement will not help me, it will hinder my future .
My help comes when I decide, this is mine, I am going for it.  I am the captain, the guardian, the flame keeper of my heart, the decision maker and the responsibility taker for action concerning the dreams God has put in my life.
Your dreams are far too important, to wonderful, to place them into the hands of hope from other people.
Show up for your dream, its Gods dream, and He will show off.

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4 thoughts on “The Widow

  1. So good adrienne. Great revelation. You r an example of this very story. Not just preaching it. reaching it. Much love to you


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