Extraordinary things are accomplished by ordinary people

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I have always been fascinated by the life lessons we can learn from the bible.  In much of the preaching and teaching we hear, the lessons are usually focused upon the well known character in that particular story.
While this is wonderful, we can miss other characters and thoughts.  The unnamed hero’s and heroines whose part to play is so necessary to complete the outcome.

Like the unnamed servant girl who initiated the miracle healing of leprosy for
Naaman the “great and noble commander” in the Syrian army.  She told the wife of Naaman that he needed to go to the prophet in Samaria and be healed.  We have spoken a lot about Naaman and his healing, about Elisha the prophet who prayed for him, but this whole amazing testimony was initiated from a young captive servant girl from Israel.  A nameless servant girl who played a lead role in the story of the “great and noble commander, Naaman” and one of the most well known prophets that ever lived, Elisha

Another story in 1Kings 17 is about the woman gathering sticks as Elijah the prophet came into town.  This woman, a single mother, living in difficult economic times, dealing with grief because her husband had died, attracted God to her home.  The main character is usually portrayed as Elijah, but what about this woman?  What was it that attracted Gods blessing to her?  It is said she received her miracle because she gave her last food to Elijah, but I would like to say, she received from God because she was outside gathering sticks when Elijah came into town.  All Elijah was told was that a widow woman would look after him.  He came into town and immediately saw this lady.  She had no clue that she was being set up for a divine appointment, she was just living her life as she saw best.  We can learn much from this nameless but amazing lady, things that God really looks for, favours and blesses.  In the coming weeks, we will delve into her heart and actions and truly see greatness.  We will see powerful, personal life lessons we can learn

In Genesis 37 we see another nameless hero, “a certain man” the bible calls him.  Joseph met this man on his way to find his brothers.  He was asked by his father to go and make sure his brothers were ok.  This certain man with no name, would play a vital role in Josephs life and neither of them probably ever realized it.  As Joseph went to his brothers he arrived and they had moved their flocks to another feeding place.  If this certain man was not there, Joseph would have returned home and told his father he did not know where they were.  Why is this so important?  This was the day that Joseph would begin his journey from the pit to the palace, and God needed him to find his brothers.

We learn here that in daily life, God has certain people in certain places to make sure we stay on the pathway to promise.  We may never know at the time, but hindsight will show us these people.
We all play a part in someone else’s story, there are no superstars, we are together in one picture that God is painting and telling across the world today.  There are no irrelevant parts or people.
I really look forward to unwrapping the greatness in stories just like the ones we talked about today.

God Bless and see you next week.

Extraordinary things are accomplished by ordinary people

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13 thoughts on “Extraordinary things are accomplished by ordinary people

  1. Thank you Pastor A for opening up a blog site. The thing about unsung hero/ines is that they are recognised well after the event often posthumously. They fly under the radar because they are very focussed, humble and highly motivated to more. More support. More circumspection. More about helping others. I look forward to more from ur blogs Pastor. U change this world by doing what you do. God bless. 😁

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  2. Never considered these nameless people and how significant a role they played throughout Scripture. I’m now going to pay more attention to them. And consider where or how God may have used me in such a way. Thanks for that perspective.

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  3. This is my first time blogging ever– totally love your message—thank you Adrienne for letting me know about it. You are a blessing and an encourager on our pathway to promise.
    Blessings in Egypt, you are being prayed for, take care!
    Fran Heron


  4. I was reminded of a person in my little town who had a drug problem, she used to speak loudly, shouting across the street to me, saying,” hello Christian lady!” She never knew my name, but we both connected that way–God is amazing! We are significant in His eyes, that is all that matters.


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