Time & The Widow Woman

Hello there,
We are heading into another week of visiting this fine lady the bible simply calls, “a widow woman”
Today we look at her ability to steward her time.  We see a powerful attitude that says, “I may only have a little time, but i am going to live it to the fullest.  I will use all of my time and waste none.
Time is the most valuable gift we have, it’s the commodity that can only be spent, not purchased and only spent once.
As we look at life, we see many good people who think time has passed them by, they give in to thoughts such as, I am too old to dream and be productive or it’s too late for me to change paths.  “I really like the funny but true thought that there are no use by dates in God.”
However young or old we are or whatever our circumstances of life are, we all can have the same powerful and passionate attitude as this widow woman who valued her time. Her actions encourage us to say, “I don’t know exactly how many years I have, but what I do know is that I am choosing to live the rest of my days to the fullest.
We can’t change our yesterdays, but we can sure make the most of our tomorrow’s. Regardless of age, the pages of your tomorrows are blank.  They are waiting for you to fill them with your passions and dreams.
Living a time honoured life, isn’t about living a busy life.  It is about being productive and using our energy and time well.  I always remember this story from many years ago. It had and still has a great impact on my thinking as I grow older.
A lady said I am 40 years old, and in 5 years I will be 45.  I can be a just a little older at 45 or I can be a little older and a lawyer, which is what I have always wanted to be.
She studied hard and sure enough at 45 she was a lawyer and 45 years old.  She was a great steward of her time.
What are some of your dreams and passions that you may have put on hold for many different reasons.  Maybe you would like to write, paint, design, or create something.  I personally know a lady in Australia, who in her 70s, has done a bachelor of ministry and other studies from college so she can teach well. Watching diligently over our time is vital to a productive and full life.
There is a very popular and effective speaker by the name of Peter Drucker.  Through his study of people in business, he made this statement,
“Nothing else distinguishes effective executives as much as their tender loving care of time”
There is one thing known for certain and that is that time will pass.  We can choose to fill our moments, days and years with life by our intentional regard for time.
Always making memories, always making a difference to someone, we spend our time passionately and on purpose.
I look forward to being with you next week
God Bless

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4 thoughts on “Time & The Widow Woman

  1. Really enjoyed this blog… Time is a gift and we should use it wisely; share your time with people u truly love, take time to pray and worship our precious Lord and Savior, remember the poor and needy and if you have a bucket list try and do it .. Time is precious!!!

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  2. Thank you for the reminder of how precious our time is..thankfully our times are in His hands.
    May we not utter those words, ” I don’t have time,” as an excuse. We do have time !
    Help us Lord to navigate those 24 hours as opportunities come to us and to take the time to laugh and rest.
    Nice job on the blogs Adrienne!


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